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What is ice damming? It is from snow melting and building an ice barrier on your roof. It can be from extreme temperature changes or just from a large amount of snow on your roof. We think that melt ice on roof is the best solution. Can I use salt on my roofing ice dam? No, depending on your shingles it might void the warranty or cause more damage. We are a locally owned ice dam removal company focused on helping our customers by steaming ice off roofs. Don't let roof ice build up give a call to a ice dam removal company at Call Ice Dam Removal as we service About, MN. If you would like to contact us call 612 758 0423 or fill out a email request on our website at www.CallIceDamRemoval.com. Is your home having ice dams problems? You are concerned on possible ice damage? For a local ice dam removal a local ice dam company a staff member is prepared answer your questions at (612) 758-0423. Yes, we are a ice dam company and we provide service in About. We have the right tools for ice dams removal.

Can I prevent an ice dam? Well, yes and no because it's a combination of things such as the heat from your home is melting the ice but, the cold is building a ice barrier on your roof. We at Call Ice Dam Removal use heat and steam tools to remove ice dam from your roof and gutters. At Call Ice Dam Removal we are experts in ice dam on roof removal. So if you are looking to melting roof ice dams single call to an ice dam expert at Call Ice Dam Removal. Prevent damage to your home, take care of the ice dams on roofs before the problems are too much. One call will fix your gutters and ice dams problems in About, MN. What equipment is the proper equipment for ice roof? We recommend steamer equipment for Ice Dams. Is there a proper way to do ice dam removal in About? Yes! If you donít do it correctly you will cause damage to your roof shingles, fascia and home. Are you in need of removal of ice dams in About? Call up us now at Call Ice Dam Removal. Our team will help to prevent damage to your roof.

Don't do it yourself, removing an ice dam can be dangerous from your roof. Call the local experts in ice dam removal that have been serving customers around the Twin Cities Metro for the past several years. We are insured and bonded and know how to get rid of ice dams before they cause damage to your home,